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Climbing in Demir Kapija Advanced Program

ADVANCED program

Season: Year-round 

Duration: 1-6 days (6 days for the full program)

Experience needed: Beginner level

The Advanced Rock-Climbing program was developed as an extension to the beginner program that will provide you not only with the experience of rock climbing, but with the technical skills required to go climbing without the oversight of an instructor or guide. By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge required to set up and manage your own single and multi-pitch climbing site independently.

We will teach you how to properly manage all the needed equipment while on the ground and once on the route. Then we continue with learning techniques such as belaying your climbing partner from the bottom and the top of the pitch with use of different types of gear, abseiling/rappelling (skill needed to safely get down or bail out from the routes on ropes at any time), anchors and anchor management, and cleaning gear on single pitch routes. As we progress you will learn everything you need to know about how to safely lead on sport climbing routes, how to lead and navigate multi-pitch routes, and will be introduced to a lot of advanced techniques of rock climbing such as, friction climbing, crack jamming, climbing in a corner and chimney, layback climbing etc.

Advanced Rock Climbing

1. Lead climbing on sport climbing routes
2. Climbing multi-pitch routes (lead and second)
3. Advanced belaying
4. Gear and proper usage

5. Abseiling/rappelling techniques 
6. Anchors and anchor management 
7. Cleaning single pitch routes

8. Advanced climbing techniques
    (corner, chimney, crack jamming and friction climbing


Price per person/per day


1 person

Half day

50 €

2 persons

40 €

3-5 persons

30 €

6+ persons

27 €


80 €

60 €

45 €

40 €

2 days

75 €

50 €

40 €

35 €

3-4 days

70 €

45 €

38 €

33 €

5-7 days

65 €

42 €

35 €


7+ days

60 €

40 €

32 €

28 €

* For programs that last more than 2 days, beginners can start also learning techniques from the advanced program.

Pay upon arrival!

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