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Season: Year-round 

Duration: 1 or more days

(depending on client choice)

Experience needed: None

Our Team Building program is specially made for companies who really want to bring their employs and partners closer than ever before.

Think about it. What can bring two people closer and make them trust each other more than putting their lives in the hands of their colleague/partner/associate?

With our program we create lifetime bond and trust between people, that later works on every level of their lives.

For this purpose, we offer two different concepts depending on your company needs.


Concept 1
(recommended for smaller groups up to 20 people):

We start the day in the canyon by introducing the group to the basics of climbing and climbing techniques. Shortly after that they start climbing on top rope, so everybody can experience the excitement of rock climbing. The instructors are always carrying out all the safety measures while we are going through the program.

After everybody climbs at least once our team will start teaching the group on how to belay* their partners while they are climbing and how to bring them back safely on the ground.

belay* - securing the rope by the climbing partner on the other side of the climber, so he/she can safely climb up and get down being safe at all times.

Team Bulding - Rock Climbing

Once we go through this part things change. The instructors will “step aside” (still making sure that nobody can make any mistake) and the participants are taking everything in their own hands. Making teams of two, one of the colegues will start climbing, while the other one is belaying him/her and making sure that they are safe all the time while climbing up and going down. After the first one climbs the route, they change the roles, and the other colegue is climbing on the same route.


Concept 2
(recommended for bigger groups 16+ people)

Amateur speed climbing competition.

We start the day with a quick introduction in climbing, and then the competition starts.

Routes will be preset with ropes and all the necessary equipment. These are all beginner level easy routes.

We divide the group into equal number of people teams, and same number (as the number of teams) of routes will be set up. Then every member from one team goes on a different route and starts competing there. On every route there is a bell. The goal is to ring the bell in fastest possible time, which is measured by the instructors. When everybody is done climbing, we collect the data and add the times of every member from each team. The two teams which have the best collective times are going into finals. Then they pick one member of their team and these two people from both teams compete between each other for their teams. They will climb on two different routes next to each other. Time is measured. When they finish on the first route, they switch places on the other route and climb again with the time being measured. The fastest time on both routes decides the winning team.

Note: Speed climbing competitions are extremely attractive, dynamic, and spirit rising for the competitors, but even more for the spectators. So, we promise lots of FUN. 😊

*Minimum participants: 6


Number of participants


Price per person

40 €


37 €


35 €


33 €

Pay upon arrival!

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