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demir kapija
the city

Demir Kapija is a small town in the southern part of North Macedonia with population just above 3000 residents. Only 110 kilometers away from Skopje (the capitol of NM) and 95 kilometers from Skopje airport on A1 highway, the city is situated on one of the most important traffic communication that connects Western Europe with Greece, which makes it easily approachable by any type of transportation (car, bus, or train).

Accommodation is available year around, from high end hotels and wineries to private accommodations and camping grounds. Our team will be happy to help you find the one that suits you best and make sure that you have a pleasurable stay.

The view of the canyon in Demir Kapija city


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Demir Kapija, hidden among mountains, rocks, forests, and rivers, is one of the nicest places for hiking. There are many hiking routs and tracks.

Hiking in Demir Kapija
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Perfect place for bike tours. Over the hills, in forests and along the rivers there are many marked roads and paths for your adventure!

Biking in Demir Kapija
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The large rapids, bends, and crossings of the Vardar River, which separates the canyon and the town Demir Kapija, are excellent for kayaking.

Kayaking in Demir Kapija
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There are several caves that are bigger and more important are Bela Voda and Gorni and Dolni Zmejovec. Bela Voda is the biggest of all, with total canal length of 955 meters and Margarito Lake with a diameter of 8 x 12 meters and different depths from 4 to 8 meters. Zmejovec cave is rich in decorative objects: draperies, stalactites, and stalagmites, which can be compared to the Postojna Pit in Slovenia.

Caving in Demir Kapija
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Demir Kapija is one of the most valuable ornithological reservoirs. Rare species of birds live here, some of which are listed in the Red Book.

Bird watching in Demir Kapija
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During the summer season, when the weather is dry and hot, one of the most popular activities is swimming in the local mountain mini pools. The water warms up well enough to swim from June to late August.

Warm pools in Demir Kapija
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Historical sites of Demir Kapija are rich about its archeological and historical objects. There are three late medieval and early medieval fortresses, the interesting old churches and monasteries.

Historical places in Demir Kapija
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Rising above the valley and gorge, chateau Popova Kula is a complex of hotel, restaurant, and winery. Learn more about the process of winemaking, taste unique wines, and enjoy the magnificent scenery!

Popova Kula Winery
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Founded at the beginning of last century, the Royal Winery today is a whole complex of the luxury apartments, winery and wine bars, restaurant, amphitheater, Queen Maria’s luxury villa, peacocks, and green vicinities.

Royal Winery Queen Maria
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The first wine museum in Macedonia will guide you through the history of the town the art of winemaking, archeology and archeological sites, ethnology, and tell you about flora and fauna of Demir Kapija.

Museum of Wine
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14th of February is St. Triphun’s day when we celebrate the start of the new grape/wine season, and we start pruning the vineyards.


28th of August is St. Mary’s Day – it is a holiday for the whole town of Demir Kapija.


Outdoor festival is a long spring weekend full of adventures that usually happens in May.

Events in Demir Kapija
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The unique and only one cactus valley in the picturesque village Klisura (7 km from Demir Kapija) is an amazing sight! Don’t miss it, flowering time is from mid-May to June.

Cactus Valey in Demir Kapija
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Carefully planted among the hills and mountains, lavender fields are one of the most interesting attractions in the last two weeks of June! Make your amazing photo shooting with fragrant plants!

Lavender fields in Demir Kapija
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Picturesque place Aquatica offer for their guests an interesting sport fishing, places for barbeque, rest and sightseeing.

Aquatica fish ponds in Demir Kapija


Restaurants and kafanas in Demir Kapija offer a wide variety of food, from traditional Macedonian to western European cuisine, always prepared with the fresh and delicious ingredients produced in Macedonia.

Recommended places to eat are:

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Restaurant Kole - Demir Kapija

Restaurant Kole

Local grill restaurant. Always fresh food. Best salads.

Urban Grill - Demir Kapija

Urban Grill Restaurant

Traditional local grill and pizza restaurant.

Verdiso Restaurant - Demir Kapija

Verdiso Restaurant

Modern hotel/restaurant. This is where hospitality aspiration meets innovation!

Royal Winery Queen Maria - Demir Kapija

Royal Winery Queen Maria

Founded at the beginning of last century, the Royal Winery today is a whole complex of the luxury apartments, wine bars, restaurant, amphitheater, Queen Maria’s luxury villa, peacocks, and green vicinities.

Popova Kula Restaurant - Demir Kapija

Popova Kula Winery Restaurant

A wonderful chateau-style restaurant, a large summer terrace, a winery with unique wines and an amazing view!

Aquatika fish ponds - Demir Kapija

Aquatica fishponds

Self-service fish restaurant. Catch your fish and eat it!

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