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Demir Kapija Canyon is the biggest rock-climbing site in North Macedonia, with almost 400 sport climbing, multipitch, trad and alpine routes on 20 different crags/sectors, and new routes made at all the time. It is also one of the rare places in the world where you can start climbing literally form your car, without spending any time on the approach. Just stop on a small parking lot between the tunnels and the first climb is right in front of you.

Routes vary between 10 and 300 meters in length on a best quality limestone and almost of them are perfectly equipped. Place is never crowded, and the routes are not polished as in popular climbing spots, so you can enjoy climbing in peace while listening the sound of the small creek running through the canyon.

Demir Kapija Canyon .jpg


Best time to climb in Demir Kapija is mid-March to mid-November, but climbing in a winter is also possible, and especially pleasurable on the South Walls, Sahara, and Goat Cave sectors (all day in the sun).


250+ sport climbing routes, grading between 4a and 8c French scale, and a huge part of them are between 5a and 6c, making Demir Kapija canyon a perfect place for beginner and advanced climbers, but also a family friendly climbing spot.


Almost 60 multipitch routes, 2-6 pitches and 60-200 meters in length can be found in the area. 50+ alpine and trad routes (length up to 300 meters), and endless possibilities for new ones. We even offer one small crag with few routes made for dry tooling, so if you like this type of climbing, bring your ice tools. 😊

Demir Kapija Canyon Climbing
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