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Making new routes in Demir Kapija


Season: April - November

Duration: 10 days (5 days for each level)

Experience needed: Before attending this program,

participants must be at advanced level and have minimum of 2 years’ experience in rock climbing.

Progressive program is designed to help advanced climbers reach expert level of rock climbing. Objective is to learn most expert climbing techniques, get the high level of knowledge, prepare for the great challenges, enter the world of big wall climbing and expeditions, and learn skills to successfully stay multiple days on the wall.

The program is composed from two levels. Level 1 will give you the set of all the needed skills for trad and alpine climbing. Level 2 is focused on big wall climbing and rock-climbing expeditions. 

As we start with Level 1 you will learn how to properly use trad gear. Get high level of knowledge in placing your own protection such as cams/friends, nuts, pitons, and sky hooks and build solid anchors with the same gear. Following, we teach you how to navigate on the wall, read the routes, properly plan your climbs and one of the most important skills in your climbing knowledge arsenal the Aid climbing. After that we will put all the techniques in use. First on a double protected routes where you can practice safely and then on a real trad and alpine routes.

Level 2 of this program will give you the complete set of skills to deal with almost any situation on the walls around the world. This is the ultimate guide to the world of big wall climbing and expeditions of this type.

You will learn how to fix ropes and then use them for different purposes. The technique of Jumaring/jugging (ascending on fixed ropes with specific gear) is next on a list. Then we teach you how to haul extremely big weights with ease up the walls. Very important skill if you are planning to stay multiple days in the vertical world. At the end of this program, we will spend a night on a route, where you will learn everything about sleeping on the wall in a portaledge or on natural ledges.

Big wall climbing in Demir Kapija
Trad gear
  1. Placing protection gear (cams/friends, nuts, pitons, hooks, bolts)

  2. Big wall climbing techniques

  3. Aid climbing and gear

  4. Trad gear anchors

  5. Jumaring/jugging

6.   Fixing ropes
7.   Route finding and planning 
8.   Hauling big weights
9.   Spending night on a wall
10. Climbing alpine routes



5 days


1 person

500 €

2 persons

850 €

7 days

650 €

1000 €

10 days/full program

800 €

1300 €

Pay upon arrival!

* Maximum 2 persons 

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