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Multi-pitch program (as a part of advanced program), or full Beginner program + lead climbing (as a part of advanced program)

What will you learn/get?

Multi-pitch program:

  1. Lead climbing and following on multi-pitch route

  2. Setup of the belay and anchor management

  3. Belaying from the anchor

  4. Basic aid climbing

  5. Abseiling/rappelling techniques (getting back or bailing from multi-pitch route)

  6. Gear and proper usage (slings, locking carabiners, different belaying devices, rope management on multi-pitch route etc.)

  7. Knots (Clove hitch, Munter hitch, Prusik, Overhand, Double Fisherman’s, Stopper, Double Eight) 

Beginner program + lead climbing (as a part of advanced program):

  1. Top rope climbing (safest way of climbing)

  2. Belaying on top rope with Gri-Gri

  3. Basic knots (Figure Eight, Stopper knot)

  4. Climbing techniques

  5. Basic gear usage (harness, helmet, climbing shoes)

  6. As we progress through day 3 and 4 you will start learning everything you need to lead climb on single pitch routes, outdoor or indoor.

**Ask for other programs special offers

Needed equipment:
Multi-pitch program: you will need your climbing shoes, harness, and helmet
Beginner program +: Climbing shoes preferably, but not obligatory.


Previous experience: 
Multi-pitch program: One need to know how to lead climb on a single pitch route and belay the lead climber. 
Beginner program +: None

Optional services: 
Transportation from and to Skopje airport, accommodation, food, personal equipment rental (harnesses and helmets), river swimming (only summer) 

*Ask for services and prices


4 days / 4 people only 400 Euro total


07 – 10 April 2023 (Easter)

17 – 20 May 2023 / 24 – 27 May 2023 (Spring)

16 – 19 July 2023 / 28 – 31 July 2023 /
11 – 14 August 2023 (Summer)

20 -24 October 2023 /
27 – 30 October 2023 (Fall)

making new routes Demir Kapija canyon
Climbing Demir Kapija
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